Understanding the Forces of Energy at work in the world.

(Energy Mastery & Esoteric Wisdom)

by Amyris Wilson   www.breathofoneness.com

“You are a powerful soul, more than you realize and you can learn to access that within yourself.”

Divine Inspiration & Negative Interference

We store our fear, sadness, guilt, shame, anger and other low frequency vibrations in our bodies both physical and subtle. This can make it hard to be all the way in our bodies as it may feel uncomfortable to feel these things. However, when we are not fully present in and occupying our bodies we are more susceptible to outside energies, for example entities and energetic cords attaching to these feelings and using them to manipulate us often times making us feel even worse. This is called negative interference. There are many forces of energy at work in the world. You may also be influenced by what’s happening in the world even if you are not aware of the specific events. If a war breaks out or fear is spread in anyway, because we are all connected by a field of energy you may feel overwhelmed and depressed or scared and not know why. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also downloads, upgrades, and recalibrations that we are receiving from higher aspects of ourselves, our guides, and those beings assisting the evolution of the planet and everyone on it. These types of energy transmissions are great and, can leave you unusually tired as your body needs the time to integrate all the shifts. You may feel as if something is wrong when actually it’s a really good sign. All this can be a little confusing if you don’t understand what is happening. Learning to manage your energy ie: channels, chakras, prana/chi and kundalini and how to be fully in your body, can help keep unwanted energy out and help speed up the integration process of new energy coming in. Leaving you feeling more balanced. It can thicken your energetic field allowing you the ability to flow energy out, such as love, peace etc… being the effect on the world instead of allowing energy to come in on you, leaving you feeling at the effect of the world.

We are all divinely guided and are consistently receiving the frequencies of peace, happiness, and love. This guidance can be blocked by lower frequency vibrations in our emotional and physical bodies. Fear is the biggest block to our intuitive guidance. When we are in fear, we cannot hear or sense what to do next. Life is not meant to be a struggle if we are clear and listening our challenges become an opportunity for greater understanding, growth and a deepening of compassion, and a true sense of the power we hold to overcome these challenges. However, if we slip into fear, not only can we not receive our guidance, which can come in many ways, we also become susceptible to negative interference, which can even further block us from feeling our inner guidance.

Some of the energies we are influenced by are:

*Negative Interference/Entities

*Collective Consciousness Influence

*Individuals influence/Cords, Hooks, Projections – spells and black magic

*Corporate Entities

*Our Divine Self

*Our Guides (our beloved family of light)

*The Universal Forces of Light

*Mother Earth’s energy

*Cosmic Chi

Learning to work with these energies gives you a certain level of freedom, wisdom, and mastery over your life.

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