Freeing Yourself From the Victim Game

by Amyris Wilson

12 years ago I chose to change my perspective to ‘I am creating my reality. Everything I am experiencing, I have chosen to evolve my soul, to teach me something, every experience no matter how challenging has gift in it.’ It was the most empowering decision I have ever made. Everything changed from ‘life happens to me’ to ‘I am creating my life.’ I quit blaming others for my feelings or circumstances, and I started to live an empowered and free life. No longer a victim. It wasn’t easy, especially in the beginning. Looking at some of the really hard things that we’ve been through when we still have a strong emotional charge about it can be hard. But it is well worth it. As time went it got easier and more empowering and I became less and less reactive to triggers. I welcome them now.
Being a victim is one of the biggest lies we have been taught and it keeps us stuck in old stories and patterns that rob us of our joy. Learn to work as one with your Divine/Higher Self in creating your life. Choose Truth, choose freedom, choose love. May we all live free, empowered, hearts wide open.

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