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General Classes - Wide array of different classes and seminars not in other categories


 ist1_10660337-great-pyramid-of-giza-egypt[1]   Ancient Knowledge - Yugas, Cycles of the Ages, Sacred Geometry


    Consciousness     Higher self, spirit guide, channeling, energy, breathing


     Meditation      Different classes from different teachers, chakras, energy, breathing


   Building Skills; Modalities      Astrology, tarot, yoga, life management, crystals,           abundance, One Command


   Feng Shui and Vastu      Age-old science of organization and placement


Spiritual Nutrition Taking care of the body by careful selection of food


Featured Classes


The One Command - Activating Your Success DNA

asara1 with Asara Lovejoy! Online Course

The most spontaneous comment you’ll hear about Asara Lovejoy, The One Command and Activation of Your Success DNA is that this is the missing piece to all the self-help programs out there. In this 7-part 6-hour video course you learn the simple 6-step process that engages your greater intelligence and the solution to stop your negative thoughts dead in their tracts while simultaneously creating what you want instead.  Here you discover the power of your own biology and your theta-thinking mind – and how when you engage at a new level of awareness everything in your life changes – you change – your life circumstances change and you are put in charge of your destiny. A must attend event for the truly motivated!

Click Here! For a preview of this powerful course.

Asara Lovejoy, has sold over one million dollars in The One Command programs as a self-publish author and a Nighingale-Conant author. She is a recognized leader in what is possible in our human potential in her worldwide seminars, One Command Success Coaching programs, and one-on-one sessions.  As you engage with Asara you’ll discover the newest information on the planet.  She often says, join us on the next greatest adventure of your life – your true self-empowerment!



vaishal-siYou Are You What You Love

with Vaishali

Click for Preview! Online Class

is a complete life management course in 5 parts taught by Vaishali, a renowned life management coach, author, and teacher.   This course covers the physical body, the emotions, spirituality, and combining this knowledge and tools into a complete life management course.

Vaishãli, who has healed herself from terminal illness twice without western medicine, prescription drugs or surgeries, combines the wisdom of Indian and Tibetan ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Eastern philosophies, and the works of Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th century scientist and mystic that will improve your health and your mindset in ways that are practical and easy to implement.

Vaishãli is a faculty member at The Omega Institute and a columnist for the Huffington Post, she has appeared on national radio and network television programs including The Dr. Oz  Radio Show.” and she has been featured on the home page of Oprah.com. Vaishãli graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State University, with degrees in both Philosophy and Religion as well as the Radio and Television Department.


aleya Introduction to the Seven Gateways by Aleya Dao. Click here to hear audio from Aleya describing the class.

This series of classes teaches the principles of Aleya's work. Each level dives deeper into the seven gateways or principles to empowerment, health, happiness, and abundance.

Level One covers the first three principles and Level Two covers the last four principles.

The Seven Gateway Principles

  • Each principle opens the doorway to access a higher energy, which holds a higher consciousness.
  • Each principle works with the other principles they are all connected and if used together they can assist one in living a more empowered conscious life.
  • The principles help explain why we draw certain people or events into our life.
  • Why we react the way we do and how we can shift our reactions and limiting belief systems.

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LiberateMP3Small Liberate Your Self by world acclaimed author   Guy Finley

7.5 hours   8 MP3 Downloads       The Courage to Let Go and Live Fearlessly $24.95

Freedom from fear has nothing to do with acquiring powers or possessions, so as to change or otherwise control those moments that seem to darken our life; real fearlessness is in our divine right to take whatever is unwanted... and to surrender it to that indwelling Celestial Character that loves whatever is brought into its light. This love casts out fear; this love has no regret; this love is free and gives itself freely to any and all that ask; seek it before all else, and find the heart of fearless living.  - Guy Finley

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7StepsMP3SmallSeven Steps to Oneness by best selling author  Guy Finley
8 hours     8 MP3 Downloads           Journey to a Whole New Life

When all is said and done, there is only one freedom that cannot be diminished, and only one place where its abiding peace can be found:  All that your heart longs for lives within your True Self. Click for More Info



Making the Connection to Your Abundance
with  Phyllis King Online Video Class

$15.99 Click for a Preview!

Plyllis King, the Common Sense Psychic, gives you a down to earth plan in this video to change your life in the next 30 days.  Find out the key things that keep abundance away and the 5 key actions that let abundance it happen.  This class could change your life.  Plyllis is the author of several books, one co-authored with Dr. Wayne Dyer.


Conscious Health and Nutrition      Series of 3 Classes
Online Class            with Dr. Miluna Fausch $44.

This series includes 3 classes:  Fundamentals and Truths about Nutrition, How to Really Lose Weight and Conscious Health and Nutrition Tips.

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Serafina_Face_12-16-09Soul Coaching with Serafina Krupp      Series of 5 Classes            $99.

Soul Coaching Series with Serafina Krupp is a inner and outer feng shui series of 5 classes that deals with inner and outer feng shui transformational work.  Serafina has been teaching feng shui since 1985.  This course is based upon the book Soul Coaching by Denise Linn and is required for this series.

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Nila-9-04Introduction to Sacred Tarot    with Nila   $17.77

First Class in the Series

The human mind processes information and creates through symbols. Symbols are stored whitin the unconscious and are unique to the individual.  Through eons of time and the expansion of the group consciousness, some syumbols have become universal (such as sun, moon, and stars).

Within the infinite realm of the unconscious, lies a never-ending matrix of information (Spirit).  The tarot is an ancient system of symbols that can and will unleash the hidden knowledge stored within and bring it to the finite conscious mind.  Tarot is no different in its context or format than many of the psychological tests that determine a person's reality.

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