Greetings Prospective Teacher,

We extend you an invitation to consider the benefits of delivering your consciousness oriented classes or seminars online with streaming video or on campus at our school - SMHAS - School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences.

Our campus is at 18271 McDurmott West, Suite H, Irvine, CA  92614.  Online classes allow you to have a more broad international audience to grow your audience.

SMHAS was founded to help bring the study of consciousness into the lives of ALL who are seeking this knowledge. We intend to make the study of consciousness easily accessible to the teachers, healers, and visionaries of tomorrow, as well as to those who simply  wish to better understand their own existence.  We provide our students with high value courses woven together with integrity, universal wisdom and heart-centered energy.

We are very excited to further build and expand the SMHAS community by attracting inspired teachers like yourself.  By also creating a conscious community in this educational setting, you can deliver your messages and teachings in a loving and supportive environment, and we feel that we are best fulfilling our calling to help as many people as possible explore their pathways toward inner peace and conscious evolution.

This is such an amazing time to come together to help usher in this new paradigm of increasing vibration with open hearts and awakened spirits.

We believe we can help support your private practice from our website by having links back to your site from both our Community Links tab and our Teaching Community tab.  Please have a look at these on our website and see if you feel this might be helpful.  As our teaching partners multiply, so does the vortex we create when everyone sends emails to their followers about their upcoming classes.

If you are in our local Southern California area, we have a filming room for building online classes.  If you are too far away to visit us, we can work with you over the phone and/or Skype to video your class in your location and we can edit it into the finished class here.  Online classes can be supported by live teleconference as well as multipoint video when required.

Please call SMHAS at (949) 752-5272 at your convenience to set up an appointment for you to discuss your passion, classes or seminars with us.  Thank you.


 Jerry Woods & SMHAS Advisory Council

  jerrywoods37 at hotmail dot com