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SMHAS is proud to announce a new comprehensive curriculum of Multidimensional Parenting Classes for every parent. Do you want to parent in a way that will support your child in meeting their full potential? Do you want to parent in a way that is healing, positive, and gives your child the best chance for happiness in life? Do you want to heal yourself so that you can parent in a manner that that does not perpetuate the dysfunction of previous generations? Would you like the support and resources of having other parents and professionals to guide you in the parenting journey? Is your child difficult to parent? Have you tried everything? Is your child different than other children? Is your child diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, bipolar or autism? Is your child gifted or overly responsible? Would you like a better understanding of how to deal with most parenting challenges?

Then these classes are for you! They are unique, progressive classes that address the whole spectrum of parenting including child developmental stages, behavioral issues, and ancestral patterns.

Our next Free Parenting Presentation is

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At this Parenting Presentation 5 of our Parenting Teachers will give short presentations about their parenting classes and what you would expect to learn and experience from those classes.

judithfreyerJudith Freyer, MA, CCLS   - Intro to Conscious Parenting

 Judith has dedicated herself to children her whole life.  After raising four children, ( one with special needs) she went back to school to work professionally with children.  Her first degree is in Child Development becoming certified as a Child Life Specialist.  Her master's degree is in Family Therapy.  While working as a Child life Specialist in the hospital setting she developed curriculum  and taught parenting through a community partnership with the hospital and Rancho Santiago Community Adult education.  Her passion is to provide support and guidance so that children and their parents are emotionally and spiritually safe.   Her compassionate  teaching style encourages parents to be authentically courageous while creating their conscious and enlightened family life.


lillianLillian Nader, MA, Cht. - Safe Haven Family Support Group

 Lillian is a retired special education teacher whose career spanned over 30 years in traditional and non-traditional education systems. Lillian also has been lead teacher and resource specialist for teaching troubled youth in different programs. Lillina has a M.A. in Education and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and guided imagery therapist.


patmurphy-2Pat Murphy - 5 Steps of Life

 For the past forty years Pat has been active in Complementary Medicine as a counsultant on various personal and health issues. Pat has a PH.D in Philosophy. Her one day workshop Five Steps of Life is geared to parents with special or troubled children.


MaryanncastellanosMaryann Castellanos - Why Isn't My Kid Learning?

 Maryann Castellanos began her career as an undergraduate psychology student in NJ.   In 1979 began the Transpersonal Center where she served as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist.   She studied yoga, meditation, shiatsu and oriental medicine and found that she was gifted in attitudinal healing by releasing the associated blocks in the meridians.

Maryann went on to have a family and studied Spiritual Science at Peace Theological Seminary (www.pts.org).   She became an ordained minister in 1988 adding the multidimensional aspects of spiritual life force to her work.   Currently she is a doctoral candidate. Here, Maryann learned that the client has the issue to learn a spiritual lesson like having your sweater caught on a nail.  By respecting the spiritual needs of the client she teaches them to be strong enough to unhook themselves and lift their karma.  She is always teaching and advancing the client through building their personal awareness, thus clearing the issue much more deeply straight down to the DNA.

 For more information about Maryann see www.healthyenergetics.com

leonard2Leonard Szymczak, MSW, LCSW - The Roadmap Home for Parents: Your GPS to Inner Peace

Leonard has been a psychotehrapist and educator for the past 35 years both in Australia and America. throughout his life, he as been committed to ongoing personal growth and believes in the power of the individual to overcome adversity and transform one's life. He writes, conducts seminars and maintains a therapy practice in Sourthern California. Leonard has written and published four books.

For more information on Leonard see www.leonardszymczak.com


brucedicksonBruce Dickson, MA, MSS, Waldorf Cert. - The Learning Style of Your Child ~ For Parents and Educators ~ Bring Your Specific Concerns!

 Bruce has eleven years of professional practice as a Health and Medical Intuitive. Author of 11 books on self-healing. A trained Waldorf teacher, he's also USM and Peace Theological Seminary trained. Bruce uncovers solutions for people's health concerns without drugs or surgery. Your body sends you many messages. Are you listening? Bruce can "hear" your immune system, translates what it's saying for you, and matches disturbed conditions with 30 years of solutions. Together we "connect the dots" and identify the "issues in the tissues" so you can throw off burdens you no longer wish to carry. Bruce follows the Law of Gentleness for Healers.

 For more information about Bruce see www.healingtoolbox.org


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Check the Campus Classes page for the new Parenting Classes, which will be scheduled at different times and dates to accomodate everyone.  This curriculum is being lovingly guided by the SMHAS Multidimensional Parenting Program Advisory Board.


Multidimensional Parenting Advisory Board

The Mulitdimensional Parenting Advisory Board provides guidance and support to all teachers who participate in this program. The Advisory Board develops the ideals and goals of the Parenting Program and assists teachers in creating classes that fulfill the vision.


  lillianLillian Nader, MA, C.Ht.  judithfreyerJudith Freyer, MA, CCLS    scott-adams   Scott Adams, MA, Chairman

jerry-ashJerry Woods, Founder


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