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For Students and Practitioners


    We are a new school with both online and campus-based classes on metaphysics, spiritual development, meditation, and many other modalities.
    SMHAS offers:
    •    Online Streaming video classes
    •    Mp3 meditations  included                                                                              
    •    Accredited Certificates
    •    Campus classes
    •    A conscious educational community
    •    Seminars and Special Events                     
    Become the master of your own reality by learning to live magically every day.  Learn metaphysical insight and tools to uncover personal truths and pathways to the divine within.  Feed your spirit and soul by tapping into the multidimensional light being that you are. We have specific programs dedicated to creating the healers and teachers of the future.  We also welcome consciousness seekers from all backgrounds.  If you feel drawn to a career in the intuitive healing arts, or simply wish to experience spiritual growth, it is not by chance you have found SMHAS. 


    Our growing curriculum allows students to specialize in the modalities that resonate for them in several degree and certificate programs.  And we have ever growing individual classes for knowledge seekers. We also provide individualized educational and career counseling.  Learn in the comfort of your own home or at our friendly campus in Laguna Hills, CA.



    18271 McDurmott West   Irvine, CA  92614    (949) 752-5272



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    3 Free MP3s

    Quick Connection Meditation.mp3
    Access Your Higher Self with Raina.mp3
    Clear You Chakras and Live in the Flow.mp3
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