I am happy to announce a new expansion of the school at our existing location is complete.  Come by and see our new Redwood Room and the rest of our remodel. We will continue with our ad hoc room rental program for $20 per hour for private sessions in any of our classrooms when available.

We now have 12 healers, readers and practitioners that are available daily at the school or on the phone for private sessions. We anticipate that number increasing to approximately 25, with a broad range of services and modalities. We intend to offer the largest choice in the state for professional, holistic healing and intuitive private sessions in one center.

We will also be growing our Intuitive Hotline soon and marketing it nationally as our new phone app/website will be complete soon.

Thank you for your support while we are moving through this shift to better serve you, our community and our teachers and healers. We look forward to seeing you soon at a healing clinic, class, event or faire.



Director, Founder


Leading Edge Consciousness Speakers of Today

Take a little time to watch these videos and you will begin to change your belief systems, then open your heart and mind to the possibilities that you are much more powerful that you have ever believed!  You will begin the journey of remembering that you can heal yourself of disease as well as create the future you desire.  You will learn that we are all connected together with everything in the universe, that there is no separation.  And you may begin to believe that raising one's own consciousness is the single greatest gift that one can give to oneself and to humanity.  It has effects everyone and everything.  Enjoy this fantastic journey!  And if you become interested in classes to assist you, please vist the Campus Classes tab above.             - jerry

 Dr. Bruce Lipton      Cell Biologist, Past College Professor    www.brucelipton.com/about                                       


Bruce's website is www.BruceLipton.com


Gregg Braden              Computer Scientist, Computer Systems Designer   http://www.greggbraden.com/about-gregg-braden/


Gregg's website is www.GreggBraden.com


Dr. Christiane Northrup       Medical Doctor  OB/GYN    http://www.drnorthrup.com/about/ 


Christiane's website is www.drnorthrup.com


Dr. Rupert Sheldrake    Cell Biologist                  www.sheldrake.org/about-rupert-sheldrake


Rupert's website is www.sheldrake.org


Tom Campbell  Nuclear Physicist, Consciousness Researcher        www.my-big-toe.com/aboutwww.my-big-toe.com/about

Tom's website is www.my-big-toe.com


 And for Intuitive Guidance now, try www.IntuitiveHotline.com  for a heart-centered team approach to Intuitive Guidance and Healing.





For More Information on the healing techniques discussed in these videos see QuantumHealingCentre.com