Heart-Centered Readings, Healing, Mediumship and Guidance/Coaching with a Team of 11

10 am—10 pm PST  7 days per week     except holidays


One Price     20 min $45   30 min $60    60 min $120

 as low as $2 per minute

You will talk to someone who can help you directly; or, refer you to the right team member for your needs!

Intuitive Guidance, Heart Centered Distance Healing, Tarot, Psychic Readings, Holistic Brain Balance, Intuitive Coaching,  Mediumship, Channeling, Family Coaching & Therapy, Child Psychology, Past Lives,  Intuitive Healing, Chakra Clearing and More!

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 Shelly is truly gifted and authentic, and she has earned my trust as one of the few intuitives that I see. In my experience, her readings have been accurate and enlightening. She is able to provide a perspective different from others which I really appreciate. The level of detail that she sees and provides for me is amazing. I highly recommend Shelly to anyone seeking intuitive guidance about what is happening in their life now, and in the future.     David W.

Whenever I have a question or dilemma, Tricia Howe is my go to person for good advice. I trust Tricia to come from a clean energetic place – she does not insert her own energy into the intuitive process. Rather, working with Tricia is like going to visit a clean, clear lake. She quickly tunes into my queries, and brings the truth of Universal energy to the situation. From the moment I met her, I have known that Tricia is a unique person with a special gift. Thank you Tricia!     Much Love,   Maya White,   Master Destination Astrologer

Donna Jo "DJ" Thornton is an extraordinary healer, intuitive, and wisdom woman. Her wealth of life experience is unparalleled. the time I spent with her was enlightening and incredibly healing for my spirit. I highly recommend her, she is an amazing woman.     Seay      artist composer

I was very impressed by Janet and Aero, during our session yesterday. I have rarely, if ever, heard so much truth delivered so effectively and concisely about my wife's very complex condition.  Thank you, Janet.      J.N. Huntington Beach

Carl was very insightful in his readings for me.  His calm approach made me feel very comfortable in my thoughts and inquiries which has more than once guided me through uncertain times.   K.D.

Bruce's "Inner Child" phone session was excellent. He guided me through several hidden mental and emotional blockages. I have found myself, in various life situations, spontaneously using some of the techniques he taught me to be more fully open to the joy of the present moment.  I find Bruce to be a wise, skillful, and loving "Light worker" who is doing his part in helping mankind emerge into the great Golden Age that we are, even now, entering into.
With full love and respect... Jim Martineau, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (professional tennis instructor)

Yes, Yes!  What a relaxing and healing session. Marguerite is a retired nurse and studied at John of God's facility in Brazil. Lying on the massage table hearing relaxing music while the crystal lights pulse onto your chakras, bringing as much healing as you allow. Highly recommended.   A. W.

Katelyn is a gifted and powerful intuitive healer. From my previous session, she was able to sense and open my closed throat chakra, helping me to speak up for myself in my personal life. In my recent session, I was having pain in my right shoulder, for which I had been going to physical therapy without much success. It was still hurting. She balanced my chakras and was able to sense the blockage in my shoulder breaking up. Now I can raise my arm all the way up whereas I couldn't before.  She is also a highly sought after Intuitive Psychic Life Coach. I highly recommend Miracle Coach Katelyn. She IS miraculous!      Lisa P.  5.0 star rating 9/12/2016


Briggitte has a natural empathic energy healing talent.  She has been an amazing counselor to me.  I have also rediscovered my own energy healing ability and talent.  I have experienced tremendous personal growth. I highly recommend Light of Reiki!   5.0 star rating 8/23/2016  Alina D., Seal Beach, CA