Next Holistic Fair Apr. 29  11 am - 5 pm

and Shopping Boutique

Readers, Practitioners, Healers

                                 18271 H  McDurmott West  Irvine  92614

                     Close, Easy Parking 

                              still being updated for April           

Two 15 min. sessions for $40    $25 for one     Doors Open for tkt sales at 10:50 AM  

Sessions scheduled every 15 min.    Free Group Lectures all day!  

    (949) - 752-5272

•  Drawings for a Free 15 min. Faire Session at 1 PM and

a Free 20 min IntuitiveHotline.com  session at 3 PM





  • Akashic Records Reading, Intuitive, Spiritual Counseling- Maureen Welborn 30 min

  • Amethyst Empowerment Therapy  —Rebeka Lopez


  • Astrology, Intuitive, Medium - Misty Day     30 min

  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - DJ Donna Jo Thornton, BA, CCHT

  • Channeled Messages from Aero, Medium, Psychic - Janet Whitener

  • Clairvoyant, Psychic, Chakra Clearing, Healings - Elaine Stahlhofen, MS, LMFT   30 min

  • Clairvoyant, Tarot reader and Pet Psychic -   Shelley Hofberg

  • Empath, Reiki Master, Channeler - Rev. Ramon Castellon

  • Intuitive Art for Manifesting - Christina Courtney

  • Intuitive Counselor, Medium - Shelly J. Miller

  • Intuitive Psychic Consultant, Tarot, Angel, Oracle Cards - Frank, BA

  • John Of God Crystal Healing Bed Session -   Marguerite Rathbone, RN     30 min  only

  • Multi-Dimensional Self-Empowerment Catalyst, Psychic, Soul Healer -   Cynthia Starr

  • Oracle Reading, Reiki Healing, SRT (Akashic Past Life Reading) - Charlene Erskine

  • Past Life Healing Guide, Spiritual Intuitive—Maryanne Rodgers, CLC

  • Pranic Healing - Roxana Leiva *

  • Psychic Medium, Tarot - Ramon Gonzalez  *

  • Psychic, Tarot, Intuitive, Healer, Empath - Krista Umgelter

  • Psychic, Tarot, Healer, Twin Soul Love Coach, Love Readings—Karyn Knight 

  • Quantum Healing by Jac’s 9th Universe -  Julie Anne Crowther     30 min

  • Shamanic Healing - Elijah Hernandez *

  • Tarot - Carl Young, BA

  • Tarot, Clairvoyant - Mystic Trish Howe

  • Tarot - Brie Caruso

                    Group Sessions & Lectures       every 30 min      Free!



11:30 Marguerite Rathbone, RN - John of God Crystal Bed Healings 
12:00 Christina Courtney—Manifest Your Dreams with Art
12:30 Rebecca Nguyen—Activating the Rainbow Body
  1:00 Jade Elizabeth—How to Change Your Energy for Success
  1:30 Debra Hookey—Mediumship
  2:00 Janet Whitener—Channeled Answers From Aero 
  2:30 Roz Esposito– What’s the Big Idea?
  3:00 Shelly Miller—Transforming Your Life in Love Through The Course in Miracles
  3:30 Ramon Gonzalez—Mediumship
  4:00 Elaine Stahlhofen—Angel Healings
  4:30 Cynthia Starr—Listening to Your Heart Speak


*  Sessions available in Spanish!

*  Modalidades estan disponibles en ESPAÑOL!





 The Morning Breeze  Live Broadcast from The Holistic Faire this Saturday

"DJ" Donna Jo Thornton creates an auditory environment which igntes inspiration and creativity. Her shows may be heard worldwide on www.themorningbreeze.org  and locally on terrestrial radio 88.5 FM KSBR Mission Viejo, CA. The message within the music is love.



Interviews from Healers, Readers & Teachers










roxane-crystalsRoxana Leiva - Crystals, Jewelry


 Jewlery, gemstone jewelry, crafts, gifts, essential oils, and more

 •  Intuitive Art by Irene Vincent, Linnea Haley, Juli Okah and Leticia Montiel

Support your local teachers!                        Support your local school!

Event Practitioners                           sacgeom






 briecarusoBrie Caruso       Tarot

Brie has been a lifelong student of Metaphysics. She is proficient in several modalities to bring about balance, harmony and healing.

Having a strong Pentecostal background, she experienced a great amount of conflict on her journey "outside the box." A vision God gave her brought about a new understanding and personal freedom to study, grow and share her knowledge and love in the fields of Light Energy Healing and the Spiritual interpretation of the Tarot.

She is a Licensed Hypnotherapist, Meditation Facilitator, Past Life Regressionist and Philosophical Counselor. Her readings are insightful, gentle, and include tools for self-change.

She embraces Ghandi as he said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."





Carl Young, BA   Tarot

Carl is a multi-generational psychic/medium and Tarot reader. He has 20 years experience in the field of mental health both in counseling and nursing, where he worked with adolescents, trauma survivors, people recovering from sex addictions, chemical dependencies and developmental delays. He has also taught special education with both gifted and remedial students.

 He has a degree in History from California State University Long Beach and extensive knowledge and practice of spiritual and metaphysical traditions, both east and west. He also has a deep knowledge and experience with psychology, Jungian analysis, dream interpretation and philosophy. He has worked successfully with many private clients not only as a psychic reader, but as a private intuitive counselor.




 Christina Courtney     Intuitive Art for Manifesting    30 min

During an Intuitive Art session, Christina uses her intuitive skills to translate a client's unique energy into a visual representation on canvas. As she paints, Christina uses the colors, shapes and brush strokes to tell a story about the client's life. The story and meaning organically evolve throughout the duration of the session until the meaning has been fully articulated through words and visuals. When Christina uses art to help clients manifest their dreams, she taps into and then harnesses the frequency of their unique desires on the canvas. Clients often refer to their art as, "a vision board on crack," because of the powerful energetic resonance. Sessions can focus on a variety of areas, such as career, family, romantic relationships, or wellness. The end result becomes a co-created representation of the client's dream already being realized in the physical form. In lieu of a signature, Christina applies her thumbprint to each painting. "The opportunity to tap into a client's dream leaves a thumbprint on my soul. I hope it leaves a thumbprint on theirs as well."




Cynthia Starr    Multi-Dimensional Self-Empowerment Catalyst, Psychic, Soul Healer

Cynthia is an innate 'Bridge", a Conscious Channel, between the Multi-Dimensional Realms and Humanity's Heart, one person, one group at a time. She instantaneously "receives" what is presented and "reads" what is there for you. She works and partners with the Multi-Dimensional realms and moves quickly and efficiently in clarifying issues, concerns, getting "unstuck", resulting in moving towards your next steps in life. Has over 30 years' experience in listening to others' Hearts Speak to her. Cynthia is Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant and an Empath.




 debrahookey3 Debra Hookey   Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium Debra Hookey is a Nationally Known Professional Psychic Medium, Radio Show Personality and Spiritual Teacher who has become a highly respected psychic medium known for her amazing abilities, to communicate with loved ones from the other side.

Debra works with her team of powerful guides that has helped countless people with issues in relationships, career, family, health, finance and more. She uses her mediumship, clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience to help others find closure and insight in their lives. Debra is a natural born healer and has worked in many different venues to make people aware that life is continuous and our loved ones can communicate with us from the Spirit Side of Life . Debra and her guides are ready to share and teach you.

More info: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    www.debrahookey.com 






   DJprofile"DJ" Donna Jo Thornton, B.A., CCHT      Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

"To allow oneself to be touched, to be heard, homeostasis is possible, synergy occurs". ~dj

Experience the relaxing results your body can enjoy during a 15 minute hand treatment.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle yet profound non-invasive, hands-on treatment for the whole body. Performed on a massage table, the client is fully clothed and the touch is generally light and still. The treatment is focused on supporting the health of the whole being, especially the nervous system.

Donations for today's session benefit SMHAS



 elaineElaine Stahlhofen, MS, LMFT        Clairvoyant, Psychic, Chakra Clearing, Healings

Elaine offers Channeled Readings & Healings, where Present & Past Life Therapy triangulates; creating a gracefully powerful experience and form of healing which is uniquely her own. Elaine has perceived spirit and received messages since she was young. As an adult she continues to study metaphysics and develops her gifts so that she may assist others on their life's journey. Through her 20 years of experience in psychotherapy, her gifts of clairvoyance and being able to see information on multiple levels (past, present and the other side) Elaine is able to track and through an integrated process that includes Processing, Rebirthing, Breath work and Energy Medicine, her clients release and clear away blockages at the deepest root level that are impeding them from reaching their highest potential and happiness. This is where clients may experience multiply present day healings from the clearing and re-writing of a residual "negative recording, limiting belief" from childhood and/or possibly a past life being cleared. How would you like to shift from "stuck in the past" to significant Freedom and Joy in the Present?

Elaine has a MS Degree in Marriage, Family & Child Counseling from CSUDH and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, BA in Psychology with a concentration in Business Administration from USC. Elaine is a Certified Clairvoyant/Psychic Medium and Channel, and Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master and a Masters Level Practitioner in Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, NLP and Timeline Therapy/MER. OCHealingPsychotherapy.com 949-351-4091



elijahhernandezElijah Hernandez    Shamanic Healing

Elijah is a generational Medicine Man, Native American, with multiple Certifications, a modern 21st century Shaman, certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, Master Shaman who has received initiatory rites directly from the Q'ero in Peru, thee Machi Medicine Men in Chile and the Jungle Shaman in the Amazon.  I have traveled extensively and transformed my life, embodied the healing modalities and fallen in love with the Earth along the way.  Bring your pain and disfunction for me to assist you to heal.        www.chamanes.us      909-331-5743


 frankFrank, BS              Intuitive Psychic Consultant, Tarot, Angel, Oracle Cards

Frank: An intuitive, clairsentient, teacher & consultant. During a reading, Frank uses the Tarot, oracle cards, visualization and other guided imagery tools to guide a person to a higher level of self-discovery and spiritual insight. He is committed to helping others find guidance and healing through personal empowerment for their own highest good. Frank holds a BS in Business Administration.

To book an appointment, call 714-306-2971 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





 Janet Whitener    Channeled Messages From Aero, Psychic, Medium

Janet is a gifted metaphysician with thirty five years of experience in sharing messages and information for those willing to ask the questions. Detailed, precise information is offered with a depth of humor only Spirit can bring. For Janet a near death experience at the age of twenty changed the direction of her life forever. Hear her story and meet those she calls her unseen, unconditionally loving friends and family. You will be welcome, you will be touched, you will be loved! Enjoy an opportunity to lovingly Interact with Spirit!

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Julie Anne Crowther    Quantum Healing by Jac's 9th Universe

Quantum Healing by Jac's 9th Universe is a healing technique developed over 40+ years. Some of the benefits of a quantum healing session include a higher level of function, energy, performance and creativity, increase the body's ability to heal quickly, easily and completely, release negative emotions, past trauma and unwanted belief systems, increase the ability to manifest your desires and goals, create greater awareness of your infinite source and gain clarity of your life's purpose.

Every thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you carry with you solidifies the energy and pattern and limits you to repeating that particular experience. However, when you disrupt the current pattern, you change that part of your life experience....step out of the old experience and into the new experience. Quantum Healing disrupts the current patterns and allows new patterns to start forming. When we release thru changing patterns on the quantum level, it creates a holistic change that you will notice in your emotions, your mental clarity and focus, and your physical body...a holistic healing.

Quantum Healing is something I've developed over a life time. I was born with mediumistic, psychic and healing abilities. As an adult, I added the knowledge of several modalities such as Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Divine Energy, Kwan Yin and Spiritual Counseling and I have incorporated some or all aspects of these systems into my inherent abilities. More importantly, I have had some unorthodox teachers and mentors who, rather than teach me a modality or system, taught me to develop the talents and abilities I was born with and to continue to integrate new stuff because I am always learning and evolving and as I evolve, so does my healing practice.

www.jacs9thuniverse.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



karynknightKaryn Knight        Psychic, Tarot, Healer, Twin Soul Love Coach, Love Readings

My name is Karyn Knight I recently relocated to California this past December.  I awoke to a spiritual journey in the fall of 2015 and with that came several newgifts! I soon realized that I was a Twin Flame/Soul as I was thrust into that journey.

Given the nature and challenges within this journey I was being prodded to help those also on this journey. I made a Youtube channel called Manna Delight and started making videos to encourage. The majority of my videos are of the tarot readings I do on weekly basis, some are dowloads from Source. So my specialty really is in love readings, however I can read anyone, their energy, and their situation and get the best guidance for them in any area they need.

I do personal readings via video for my viewers. I have branched out to a new website where I highlight my other gifts. I am a psychic/medium with healing abilities. I was shown the ability to channel Divine Universal One energy to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have done channeling and remote healing for clients as well. I am hoping to be of service here locally. Focusing to help those that are newly awakened looking for direction in their journey. Also those who wish to attract their soul-mate or divine counterpart.





Krista Umgelter   Psychic, Tarot, Psychometry, Intuitive, Healer, Empathe

 Bring your question or your curiosity and let's see what gifts Spirit has waiting for you.




 Rev. Marguerite Rathbone, RN     John Of God Crystal Healing Bed   30 min  only

Due to new information, I am offering two types of healing. To honor the protocol for the John of God Crystal Bed, the following two choices are being offered.

1) Choice #1: John of God Crystal Bed lights are on. I invite the Casa Entities (Spirits of Love & Light) to help heal. I leave the room. "They are powerful enough, on their own." per Diego from the Casa. The Sacred Space and any messages are given by the Spirits directly to the client. The client must be under the Crystal bed, so remote healing is impossible. There isn't a paper with messages available.

2) Choice # 2: The John of God Crystal Bed lights are off. I hold the Sacred Space during the session and I write any Intuitive Holistic Health messages I receive. I'll balance your Chakras during the session. So far, everyone has chosen the Crystal Bed lights off. It's still very effective (maybe even more so) due to my intent. Remote Healing sessions are available: the first 10 minutes/60 session, I'll balance your Chakras with Reiki then continue as before with requesting the Casa Entities (Spirits of Love & Light) to assist in healing and writing any messages I receive. You will receive the paper with the messages afterwards.




Maryanne Rodgers, CLC    Past Life Healing Guide/Spiritual Intuitive

Maryanne has over 20 years experience receiving intuitive messages, now primarily focused on past life healing with supporting modalities as needed. Maryanne works with her clients to quickly identify past life issues and current blocks, using information she gets intuitively and with the use of past life oracle cards. (shorter 15min sessions)

Other tools/modalities including: Energy healing, cord cutting, soul retrieval, soul contract info, soul groups, Akashic Records etc.,

Clients walk away with a better understanding of what their soul is up to in this life, what they need and naturally releasing old energy etc., bringing greater peace and clarity.

I consider this work sacred space and it is truly an honor.


Maureen Welborn
    Akashic Records Reading, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counseling  30 min

Maureen has been a continual student of Metaphysics for more than three decades and a teacher for over 10 years. Her explorations have led her to reading the Akashic Records which hold the story of your soul's journey. Opening the Records in a loving and supportive way enables clients to understand current and past life issues. Causes and conditions are examined in the Light of the Akasha in a neutral way. During the process, clients gain insights, clarity and understandings that allow them to move forward in faith and peace of mind. This type of reading is about gaining deeper understandings of what is happening on the physical and spiritual levels. Information brought through is interesting, touching, validating, humorous and/or thought provoking depending on the client.



Misty Day, C.A.P.    Astrology, Intuitive, and Medium

Misty Day has been a Timesmithing astrologer, medium, intuitive card reader and anecdotal researcher for over 30 years. She is trained and experienced in natal and relationship astrology, future trends, business and spiritual astrology. She is gifted with four "clairs" =clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience, and uses them in her practice of astrology and cartomancy

Ms. Day is an ordained minister. She is also a popular writer published on the web (just Google Timesmithing) and makes successful predictions for the world and nation. She is the author of a limited edition of "Fool's Knapsack", a lifetime collection of adventurous metaphysical and romantic poems.

She has designed a beautiful deck of Oracle cards and book of interpretations. Her spiritual and abundance-creating art is for sale at The School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences in Irvine, CA and has also been displayed at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.

Ms. Day corresponds with clients, colleagues and students from many parts of the world. She lives, consults and teaches in SoCal at the School of Mutidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences and also via e-mail and Skype. Call for a free 'phone consultation at 714-982-2619, make a private appointment at 714-752-5272 or come and meet her at the Fair!

For more information about Misty, contact http://timesmithing.com/wordpress/?p=




ramoncastellonRamon Castellon - Empath-Reiki Master- Channeler

I am Rev. Ramon Castellon: My spiritual journey started back in 2008- I wanted to become a Roman Catholic Priest then- In the Summer of 2012 I got accepted the Franciscan Order the O F M. During those two years of the religious life. I was becoming aware of the healing abilities that was part of my being. I was humbled by the gifts shown to me By the Universe. I left the Order and Moved backto California. I've been in the Al-Anon program for almost 5 years. I have much experience working with Addicts and Alcohol/Durg abuse. I am also working towards to be Certified as a Life coach.

I am a Reiki Master and I am Also a Minster - I also have been studying Shamanism. I work with the Angelic Realms, Spirit Guides and Animal spirits. I am a natural Healer. In treatment I truly Specialize in extracting negative energy in the healing . I Serve with the Seraph Angelic Energy Vibrational frequency.

My misson is to be that channel of Peace, Joy, Healing and Love.

My Soul Honours your Soul.  Namaste!




Ramon Gonzalez       Psychic/Medium/Tarot   Readings

Ramon Gonzalez is a psychic/medium, clairvoyant. Is able to see, hear and feel when a spirit speaks to him. He is a generational psychic with inherit gifts passed through his mother's lineage. His talents were evident at an early age in sensing and interacting with spirits, connecting with his Guides and Angelic realm. At this present, he feels the need to fulfill his calling and offer his services to all in search of guidance along their path. His message provides a clear and accurate connection and will leave those he encounters the felling of inspiration of renewed sense of clarity and hope. His passion for serving is event in the work that he does. Give yourself the gift of a session with Ramon. You will surely be glad you did!!!.



  Roxana Leiva  Pranic Healing    30 min

 To start my journey in June of 2006 I learned how to do Prana Healing. I have been practicing and implementing my knowledge to those who request for my assistance ever since I began. For those who do not already know, Prana Healing is highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. I specifically wanted to learn this for the simple fact that my son has a rare skin condition that doctors couldn't seem to figure out so I wanted to help him without testing numerous lotions that seem to make no improvement or to make things worse. I also had issues of my own and I was taking several medicines that made me sick so I changed my circumstances and I now feel better and I'm not taking anything.

Even though massage therapy is not commonly known as an alternative medicine it does have some factors that would make it so. After completing my studies in Prana Healing I attended Fullerton Community College and took their courses in massage therapy. From 2008-09 I completed the majority of the courses and was almost licensed. Due to un-named circumstances I did not complete my course but I took what I have learned from that and included them into some of my healing sessions. The reason for me learning this was for my oldest child, she was very active in high school doing multiple sports and she did on occasion need sports massage to help her compete and perform without getting hurt.

In the year of 2009 I took the liberty to continue my alternative healing understanding and learned how to do Crystal Healing at California art of Healing. While attending, I gained immense amounts of knowledge in geology and how normal people can use the earth to help our mind, body, and various other needs. This one was my absolute favorite. I already had a couple of important and helpful crystals and stones but since this class my collection of stones has increased enormously. Every crystal and stone has its own specific job and will change to different clients according to their needs.

To conclude my six going on 7 years of experience, I have had a great opportunity to experience, learn, and enjoy learning various methods of alternative healing. All of which include but is not limited to: Prana Healing, Massage Therapy (sports massage, Swedish massage, and deep tissue massage), and Crystal healing. I do what I love to the best of my ability and share what I have learned with those around me. I learned for my kids and myself to better us. Knowledge is always said to be a powerful thing that no one can take away in knowing that I am still till this day am continuing to learn and exercise new methods of healing while implementing previously learned methods.    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it " data-mce-href="mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



shellyjmiller-smallShelly J. Miller   Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Transformational Coach

Shelly J. Miller is a professional Intuitive Counselor, Medium and a Transformational Coach known for accessing deeply accurate information in a candid yet compassionate way. Her laser sharp insights help you to gain clarity, comfort and peace to transform every aspect of your life. Shelly uses her psychic and medium-ship skills to get answers to questions regarding your diverse personal issues and to understand and shed light on the dynamics of relationships of every kind. Shelly's business clients benefit from her business advice with a spiritual focus. She has illuminated global visons for her clients as well as clearly directing the daily operations of running a business.

Shelly's Transformational Coaching Sessions identify and release the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from living the life you deserve. She uses her advanced knowledge of Spiritual Principles and A Course In Miracles to help you release fear and embrace love, thereby helping you to heal. She is a powerful Navigator with the ability to connect you with your truest and best self. From personal to business, spiritual growth and direction, to the loss of a loved one. Shelly has the vison to lead you to live an inspired life.

Shelly J. Miller is a member of Best American Psychics. The nation's most elite, professional psychic directory. She teaches workshops and is available for speaking events, audience demonstrations, for your group, company, fundraiser or foundation.  www.shellyjmiller.com



 shelleyhoffberg2Shelley Hofberg   Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot reader and Pet psychic

In a psychic reading with Shelley , she will not ask for the details about your life, but will primarily rely on her gift of Clairvoyance and the intuitive wisdom of the tarot to receive the answers that will be the most helpful to you about your inner most concerns, soul mate, relationships and career path. Shelley cares about your inner most concerns and will provide a positive reading that will give you guidance to help you make many changes in the future. As a pet psychic Shelley cares about your pets inner most concerns. As a Medium her compassionate heart and profound spiritual receptiveness together connect the bridge to loved ones on the other side , such as angels, pets and spirit guides.


 trishhowe2Trish Howe - Tarot, Clairvoyant

Trisha Howe is a born intuitive who started psychic training at age 15. She has over 30 years experience in Intuitive Counseling, Crystal Healing Tarot, Mediumship, & Clairvoyance.

A contributing writer for AWARENESS Magazine you can find her column under MUSINGS by MYSTIC TRISH.

Contact her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it t or at (949) 493-0705


Other Community Events & Organizations



iandsOrange County IANDS

2nd Sat. of each month

Time: 1:00-4:00 pm

Place: Unity of Tustin, Tustin, CA (details below)

Admission: $8


DIRECTIONS can be found on our website: www.OrangeCountyIANDS.comNot everyone who attends has had a near-death or spiritually transformative experience.

Everyone has their own reason why this group is of interest, and all are welcome to this warm, supportive, non-judgemental group.

Questions? Call Robin at (949) 855-1102 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                       


We meet to talk about and share near-death experiences, questions about death and dying, and the latest information from NDE research. IANDS groups such as ours can be found in communities around the world.


Send your request with first and last names, and email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call Robin at (949) 855-1102.



Inspirational Living Center of OC

The ILCOC is a local spiritual community that honors all paths to Spirit or God. When a Higher Power is the focus of spiritual study and daily practice, then other areas of our lives fall into place--we are happier, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and help bring more peace and harmony to the world.

Join us for an inspirational message, good music and friendly people. We are meeting at the Assistance League of Huntington Beach Building - 8071 Slater, just east of Beach Blvd {upstairs in the second floor auditorium – an elevator is available}.


Java Time 10:00 am (coffee, tea and conversation)

Inspirational Service 10:30 am

Come see what we're all about! Invite & Bring Others



llflogoLearning Light Foundation
Holistic Fair on the 2nd Saturday of every month

located in Anaheim


SMHAS Teaching Community


Christina Aros                   Reiki

Christine was born and raised in New York and moved to California in 1998.  She is the proud mother of three wonderful children; now adults.   She has worked in Operations Management for over twenty-fours years in many various medical disciplines, i.e.; Neurology, Cardiology, Cosmetic Surgery, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Geriatric, Pulmonary and Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.  She is an intuitive, free lance artist, a Chef, certified Reiki Master Instructor, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, and presently manages a Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Facility.  She also teaches Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III & Instructor/Master Class at a local Department of Education approved vocational school, as well as Anatomy & Physiology.  One of her new passions is being a foster mother for the MeowzResQ nonprofit foundation for kittens.

Her Holistic2 Workshops combine the science and spiritual, allowing the two to merge.

For more info about Christina and her privateservices contact www.facebook.com/hOLISTIC2

  Christina's Personal Page

  Suzie Bennett       Energy Healer, Therapeutic Massage, Essential Oils

Suzie is an energy healer, massage therapist, mentor, coach, educator and facilitator, serving her  local communities for over 20 years. She presented and facilitated at several conferences teaching mindfulness meditation and stress-reduction.  In addition, Suzie is an artist, floral photographer, writer and steward of the earth with a passion for plants and trees. Her commitment is to help those on their healing journey, from infant to elder.

She has practiced as a massage therapist since 1984 and is a certified massage therapist in the State of California. 

Her passion for energy medicine includes being a Second Degree Reiki  practitioner and  Certified Healing Touch ™ practitioner, a Johrei Energy Practitioner, and studied with many energy medicine teachers, including Robert Jaffee, MD, Richard Bartlett, DC of Matrix Energetics, Tom Schaefer, DO of esoteric healing, Margaret Ruby, founder of Possibilities Vocational School teaching DNA activation and THETA healing, and Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine.

She has studied Essential Oil Bath Therapy with Millie Austin, of Austin, Texas and Medicinal Aromatherapy with Wisdom of the Earth where she received her certification. Suzie offers a monthly essential oil study group where all are welcome. She also has studied color puncture, sound healing, stone therapy, and works with flower essences and gem elixirs. 

At a time when Suzie was teaching Couples Massage classes at Kaiser-Permanente in NC, she became excited to find a certification program teaching infant massage which would fulfill her dream of teaching massage for infants to adults.  She became certified through the International Association of Infant Massage Instructors in 1990.  Today she teaches as a Certified Educator of Infant Massage with Infant Massage USA, and is President-Elect of the Greater Los Angeles Charter. The infant massage course is a four week course focusing on nurturing touch.  She has additional training in Healing Touch for Babies and offers weekend classes in Energy Medicine for Parents, Babies and Family.

In 1998, the tools Suzie had studied over the years came in handy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The process of her healing journey over the years took her into the deep recesses of her core, arising with newfound wisdom and depth.  She continues her walk on the wise woman path along with her mentors – the plants and trees, wise shamans, healers and medicine women, along with those that transcend time.  For more info about suze visit www.suziebennett.com



 Tim Braun                                    Mediumship                                 

 Tim holds a BA Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from USC and has almost 20 years experience as a medium.

When Tim was seven years old he was seeing spirits and at age nine he heard spirits talking to him. He was told to warn his father that he had to change his diet due to his health condition. In the mid 1990's when he was attending USC, Tim's spiritual journey began. He was visited in a dream by the late Mother Teresa and two months later he found himself in Calcutta, India doing work with Mother Teresa She approached him in real life exactly as she had in the dream. Tim knew that this was a sign of many great things to come. Tim returned from India a changed person, with a renewed compassion for others and a search for spiritual truth.

 When Tim was twenty-three he studied with known Mediums James Van Praagh and Robert Brown. He became aware that he had a special gift that was meant to be shared with those who need answers to life after death and yearn to get in touch with someone who has passed to the other side.  For more info about Tim and his private services contact www.timbraun.net



Dr. Rev. Patricia Brand               Auras & Mediumship

Patricia travels throughout the world lecturing on self-help methods to develop one's own intuition skills.  He educational seminars are geared to helping people bridge the gaps in communication.  She has helped hundreds of people bring positive change into their lives and of those around them.  Patricia's rare gifts of intuition and mediumship have been instrumental in her service to others.  These gifts were revealed to her as a child when she predicted future events for people she had just met.  Fortunately, all those she spoke to reacted with gratitude and encouraged her to continue developing her gifts.  Pat was always inspired by a strong belief in God and with her parents and family's support, she continued to develop her skills.

For more information about Patricia and her services (727) 946-5406.




Claudia Bumuller      Hatha Yoga. Reiki Master,Spiritual Coach

She uses her gifts in a unique way in her teachings. She combines Yoga and Reiki at all levels and enjoys teaching a class that integrates, breath work, meditation, Reiki (Universal Life Force), deep stretch, core strength and slow flow and a period of relaxation.   Claudia teaches Yoga and Reiki in different studios, spas, hotels, movie studies, nonprofit organizations, retreats and wellness events.

 ~ Yoga is for everybody. If you can breathe. You can do Yoga. ~

For more information about Claudia at  www.feelthebliss.wordpress.com,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Lori Camacho                      Multidimensional Teacher                              

Lori's entry into the metaphysical world began when she was very young. She was able to telepathically communicate with her twin sister. This is a common theme between twins. By the time she was old enough to talk she had developed a deep connection to hearing, seeing, and feeling spirit. She could also sense the emotions and energy fields of people around her.

Following a deep depression in her twenties, Lori began working with a medium to heal herself emotionally.  In that healing process she decided to develop her own abilities further. She began learning more about her psychic, channeling, and healing abilities. Lori studied with two wonderful teachers - World Renowned Medium, Cheri Mancuso and World Renowned Channel Shawn Randall.

After her studies were complete, she formed her private practice, Sacred Connections.  She came to know herself as a Multidimensional Healer.  Lori combines her Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Healing and Channeling abilities in a way that allows her to cater to her clients needs.  She also began teaching classes in psychic development, consciousness and vocal trance channeling as a way to help others heal themselves and develop their own abilities. 

For more info about Lori and her private services contact www.mysacredconnections.com


Christia Cummings                         Angels, Reiki, Energy Healing

Christia was born an artist, empath, clairvoyant, and a channel of Spirit. She was drawing before she could walk. She has always drawn upon Nature as her inspiration. In 1991, Christia spent time in Italy's Umbria region and discovered a new technique for her watercolors. While working for her Masters Thesis she discovered that the doodles she had been drawing all her life, were symbols from ancient cultures. This led her to combine her intuitive abilities with her artistic talents.

In 1995, she had a spiritual awakening with an Angel -- a momentous event in her life – which caused her to open herself up to Spirit and the magical, inspirational multi-dimensional Universe.

Christia was guided by Spirit to begin the journey as an energy healer and teacher at this time. Guided by her Divine Energy Healing Team she began working with clients from all over the world. She now uses her art, energy healing, products, and teaching as a way to help awaken others to their Divine Power.

 Christia is an ordained minister, Usui Reiki Master, and holds a B.F.A. and M.F.A. in painting  For more info about Christia and her services visit www.christiacummings.com



Aleya Dao, M.S.               Toning, Teacher, Spiritual Advisor

Aleya graduated from Lewis and Clark University in Portland, Oregon and earned her Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine from The South West Acupuncture School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She practiced in Telluride, Colorado for 7 years before moving to Santa Barbara, California where she now serves an international clientele as a spiritual guide and sound healer.

Aleya produced her first commercial CD with Grammy award winning composer and musician Barry Goldstein in 2007. She produces The Daily Meditations, which are the only subscription-based guided meditations that tune into the energy that comes onto the planet every day. She has received hundreds of testimonials about the power of The Daily Meditations in shifting people's lives and accelerating their spiritual growth.

For information on Aleya and her services contact www.aleyadao.com and Click Here a free week of Daliy Meditations


Patty Davidson                               Astrology

Patty is a professional astrologer, intuitive and teacher/counselor who has practiced for 30 years.  Patty's empathic counseling style combines her natural gifts of patient listening, spiritual guidance and objective insights along with her knowledge of astrology, numerology, and tarot.  Her prior career as a high school teacher and counselor also adds to her experience in relating one-on-one during personal readings or informative classes.  Patty's experience additionally includes meditation, channeling, past life regression, dream analysis, shamanic studies and counseling.  Patty has also studied Tai Chi, Chi Quong, Yoga, and Reiki.

Patty can be reached at Crystal Cave in Costa Mesa on Sundays and Mondays.

For more info about Patty and her private services contact her at (949) 380-1396.



Debbie Del Rio                        Reiki, Energy Healing

Debbie Del Rio is an intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Healer, 6th degree black belt in Ninjutsu and has a background in horticulture. She has two sons & shares her home with Pixel, her dog.

She has cultivated her insight from years of study, both domestically and in Japan, learning the art of Bujinkan Budo also called Ninjutsu. She has amassed expertise and proficiency with many modalities of healing from the California Academy of the Healing Arts. Debbie is a gifted Reiki Master Teacher, in Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Highself Resonance Therapy which includes sound & crystals, Pranic Healing and long distance healing.

Her training and gentle personality uniquely qualifies her for the sensitivity required in the art of healing.  For more info about Debbie and her private services contact www.delriohealing.com


Miluna Fausch, Ph. D.                    Psychic Nutrition, Voice Healing

Dr. Miluna Fausch, HHCP, Ph.D. is a metaphysician with certifications in energy healing therapy, nutrition, and medical intuition. She is also a certified Voiceworks® and Somatic Voicework® The LoVetri Method singing coach.  Her unique specialties are in Energetic Nutrition and Voice Healing.  She is your Intuitive Guide for practical, can-do, Spirit-based nutritional counseling and results based Vocal Healing.

Imagine learning what foods your body energetically needs!  To be intuitively guided in the health of your body, mind, emotions, and Spirit. To receive guidance on the foundations of food from healthy civilizations free from heart disease.  Dr. Miluna’s own personal Healing—“If I had not gone through this life-changing experience, I could not help you!”

I got into intuitive/counseling work after my own personal journey of healing. When I found out I had a tumor in my head, I never dreamed where all of this would lead.  I became vigilant about finding out what holistic and complementary modalities were available to heal illness and disease. I firmly believe that the tumor in my head was a gift on a soul level for several reasons, but most importantly because I could not show others how to achieve healing and wholeness if I had not personally experienced it for myself.

My training includes ARCH® (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) energy healing therapy, intuitive reading, and medical intuitive reading.  Two of my teachers & mentors are Caroline Sutherland and Laurie Grant. I am Board Certified as an HHCP-Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner and have a Ph.D. in Holistic Alternative Psychology.  I have trained throughout the United States and have worked in Switzerland. My goal is to work with each client from a place of enlightenment, compassion, integrity and a sense of fun.

For more info on Miluna's private services click here: www.psychicnutritionist.com



Sue Frederick                          Intuitive Numerology, Author

Career Intuitive Sue Frederick’s work, described as a “breath of fresh air” and “an enlightened new perspective,” has been featured in The New York Times, Real Simple, Complete Woman, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, The Denver Post, New York Metro, The New Orleans Times Picayune, and at venues like The Crossings Retreat Center in Austin and Naropa University. She’s the author of Dancing at Your Desk: A Metaphysical Guide to Job Happiness; and Top Ten Reasons to Stop Facing Reality.  

Sue's best-selling new book - I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How To Discover What You Were Put On Earth To Do published by St. Martin's Press, has changed the lives of thousands of people all around the world since its publication in September 2009. Hundreds of people show up at every book signing event, selling out of her books, and waiting in line for hours to have a moment with Sue.

For more information visit: www.BrilliantWork.com; email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 303-939-8574.



Boris Fritz                               Cycle of the Ages
Boris Fritz is an engineer at Northrop Grumman Aerospace and has three patents in that field in which he has worked for 29 years. He is also on the faculty of Loyola Marymount University. He is the founder of the national Nanomanufacturing Technical Group and on the national Advisory Board of the Manufacturing Enterprise Council. He has been a consultant for JPL, and has been a guest speaker at many Universities and conferences in the US and abroad. In 1998 he received the Outstanding Engineering Achievement Merit Award of the Engineers' Council of California.

He also does research on a new interpretation of history based on the belief of some 30 ancient civilizations, that the precession of the
equinox affects cycles of history. He has given talks at CPAK (Conference on Precession & Ancient Knowledge) on this subject (2006,
2009).  He has a BA in Philosophy from Occidental College, a Master's Degree in Asian Cultures and Languages from Claremont McKenna Graduate School, and has passed his Doctoral exams at UCLA in the History of Religions, with minors in the History of India, the Sanskrit Language, and the Ancient Near East.  He has been a member of Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) since 1964 as well as leading meditation services at the South Bay Mediation Center (affiliated with SRF) since 1971.  He is also a practitioner of the Filipino Martial Arts.



Christina Gikas, C.Ht., M.Msc.                   Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

Christina is a certified transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapist with a BA in Psychology and a masters in Metaphysical Science (M.Msc.).  Additionally, she is an ordained minister, member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, charter member of the International Hypnosis Federation, member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, member of the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists, and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Christina has studied with renowned professionals in the field, including Ajamu Ayinde, Jesse Berg, Joan Boreysenko, John Bradshaw, Anthony DeMarco, Michael Ellner, C. Scot Giles, William Horton, Sue Weinert Hull, Tad James, Gerald Kein, Anne King, Al Krasner, Jaime Feldman, Chuck Mignosa, Richard Neves, Scott Sandland, Steven Schneider, Anne Spencer, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, and Dick Sutphen.

Christina holds certificates in Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™ Techniques, Relationship Specialist, Pastoral Psychology Counselor, and Parts Therapy.  Christina is also a certified “Can We Talk?” Facilitator of Facilitators through the National Education Association of the National Institute of Health.

Her passion to learn, teach, and assist others in their quest for self-actualization, self-fulfillment, and healthy living has given her the opportunity to present at the ABH annual convention, the IACH and the IHF conference, where she was awarded Excellence in Enlightenment. Earlier this year Christina was acknowledged in the novel, Evermore, The Immortals. Through Outreach Concern of Orange County, Christina served as a K-12 counselor.

For more info about Christina's services contact www.gnosishypnosis.com  



Mary Hill, R.N.                              Reiki, Shaman

Mary is a Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer. 

She is an intuitive, compassionate healer who combines Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healing, which works with the Luminous Energy Field.  She  interweaves both modalities to assist her clients in healing on all levels.

She teaches all levels of Reiki and facilitates Shamanic energy workshops which include Munay Ki Rites, a breathing meditation, chakra clearing meditation and a fire ceremony.  The Munay Ki Rites are a 9 step process for healing the wounds of our past and are the initiation rites of the medicine people of the Americas.

Many clients have reported being in a blissful state while being able to release negative emotional, physical and spiritual patterns that hold them back from their Authentic Self.

Mary has been a RN since 1980 and has worked in hospice for the past 12 years. She has a passion for helping others heal.  For more info on Mary and her private services contact www.ascendantreiki.com