Campus Classes

Next Holistic Faire   Oct. 28   Saturday   11 am - 5 pm

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Daily Readers At SMHAS   Click here for Bios

  Tue   Mystic Trish Howe   12 - 4 pm   Shelly J. Miller 5-7 pm   Carlos Casados  3 - 7 pm            

Wed       Katelyn Dang 3 - 7 pm              

Thur    Janet Whitener  1 - 6 pm    Bruce Dickson 12 - 6 pm    Elijah 5-8 pm

Fri   Marguerite Rathbone 12 - 4 pm    Toby Gant  3 - 7 pm



Resident Wellness Team

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Available by appt. any day

Janet Whitener  - Intuitive Coaching, Channeling              Carlos Casados - NLP, Hypnosis

DJ Thornton - Cranial Sacral Therapy           Rebeka Lopez - Energy Healing

Janet Woods - Feng Shui, Life Coach            Shamananda - Transmutative Shamanic Healing

Katelyn Dang - Energy Healing                   Deborah Shea - Intuitive Reading w/ your guides, Lemurian Healing

Marcie Howard - Reiki with Sound Healing

             Select From the Largest Group of Certification Programs in Orange County!

•  Energy Healer Certification                                    Intuitive Practitioner I Certification
  InnerLife Spiritual Counselor Certification         •  Intuitive Practitioner II Certification
•  Crystal Energy Healer Certification                        Hypnosis Certification

  Expressive Arts Healer Certification                               Holistic Health Healer Certification

  Reiki Certifications                                                                      Medical Intuitive Certification

  Conscious Nutrition Certification                             •  Advanced Reiki Enegetic Healing Certification

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Ongoing Campus Classes - Click Here




with Renee Carleson

Monday  Oct. 23  6:30-8:30pm


Learn how to rub your feet the right way! Explore how essential oils and reflexology can help improve your health.



with Leora Leon

Thursday, October 26     7 – 9 pm
Donations Only 
100% of donations will go to upport the Giving Children Hope charity and their relief efforts in Puerto Rico.


"Love Yourself, Change Your Life": An educational seminar that teaches metaphysical and spiritually healing steps to take in order to overcome life's challenges.


INFO: Active in the metaphysical field since the 1980's, Leon has trained and studied metaphysical concepts and used psychological therapy techniques to overcome physical abuse, rape and cancer to turn her life around successfully. Now a certified Reiki Master, a certified shaman, a certified channel and certified teacher of all three, during "Love Yourself, Change Your Life," Leon reveals her powerful techniques for leading a successful, happy life while facing seemingly overwhelming obstacles.




with Renee Carleson

Monday  Oct. 30  6:30-8:30pm



Learn how to get rid of those unwanted aches and pains with everyday household supplies.




Friday, Nov. 3   2017 7:30-9:30 pm    $40

Myrna Godfrey and Monique Hitzman are coming together for this special event

Imagine resting in a peaceful safe space being immersed in a eclectic mix of sounds as Monique plays crystal singing bowls, gongs, harp and more instruments to calm your nervous system, still your mind and heal your body and soul.

Myrna will guide you through a beautiful meditation to clear what's in your way and to awaken you to open up to new possibilities.

You don't need to have any experience to attend, we will guide you. Participants can lie down so bring whatever will make you comfortable, a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, and water bottle .

We are blessed that you are joining us!

Register and pay at www.myrnagodfrey.com  (events page)




with Renee Carleson

Monday  Nov. 6  6:30-8:30pm


Learn how to blend a customized perfume that will help you change your day one drop of happiness at a time!



with Aero, Channeled by Janet Whitener

2nd Thursday of Every Month

7 - 9 pm

Gather for the Orange County Aero and Friends Question and Answer Group Session to ask questions and be uplifted by the wisdom in the answers from Aero.   Aero is a non-physical consciousness, channeled by Janet Whitener, who is here to answer our questions and help raise our consciousness.  Janet has channeled Aero for over 25 years.  Bring your questions and hear the guidance.



2nd Saturday of each Month

1 - 4 pm

International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS)
Orange County Chapter Support and Interest Group

Date: Second Saturday of Each Month

Time: 1:00-4:00 pm

Guest Speakers each Month    Check Meetup


with Renee Carleson

Monday  Nov. 13  6:30-8:30pm


Learn how to use oils to bring a smile to your boo's face.



with Renee Carleson

Monday  Nov. 20  6:30-8:30pm


Wild Child Sensory Play: Arts and Crafts

A mommy and me workshop

Make sensory crafts with your wild child.





with Rev. Dr. Janette Freeman
Every Sunday 10:30 am for Meditation  11 am for Inspiritional Message & Music
By Donation Only
Oneness Center OC is a spiritual community who regularly meditates together, provides a loving environment for our children, inspires one another to live in higher consciousness, and collectively supports each other to manifest our dreams.



with Conneta Johnson

Tuesdays 9-11 AM

Sept. 12-Nov. 6

Campus & Conference Call Classes available

$25 Per Session

$25.00 one-time material fee-.

This 8 week class is a deep but simple understanding of Holistic Health, covering the aspects of the whole person in Mind, Body & Spirit.

Dana Newell will present the fundamental principles to Holistic living and Conneta Johnson will provide the spiritual principles to rid negativity from our lives. Together they create a way of becoming a fully whole & balanced being.

Join us for an interactive, informative and thought provoking class for the whole body.

For more information see website---- www.ourartofbeing.com

*All classes are recorded for delayed listening with weekly one-on-one personal

review.   Must Pre-register at 951.283.6976



with Conneta Johnson

Wednesdays  9 - 11 am

  Sept. 27- Nov. 1


Moving past yesterday's traditions into expanded concepts of today's spirituality...

This 8 week class delves into the very core of our Inner-Being,

providing a much broader perspective on Who We Really Are.

Come and gain the tools to create the next grandest version of the highest vision you ever held for yourself (CWG-1) and a new perspective on the world.

Are you willing to see the world differently?

Text & Material Fee: $25.00 One-Time Fee paid the first night

Pre-registration: must call 951.283.6976 before 8/26

Conference Call: *Must be paid in full through PayPal This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . All classes recorded for delayed listening with one-on-one personal review. Once paid, access code will be sent.

Conneta Johnson-951.283.6976

This class is open to casual students and required for certification classes.

Complete information about classes and certification -- www.ourartofbeing.com   

For "In Life" insights check out my BLOG at innerlifespiritualcoaching.com



with Debra Hookey

1st & 3rd Wednesdays (Every Month)

Time: 7pm Cost: $25

Psychic Development

This class is about developing your psychic abilities. Developing your psychic abilities is a process. It takes time to build confidence and trust in your ability. Working with tools like Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentience, Remote Viewing, Intuitive is one way to access your inner knowings, but like any other learning, it takes practice to develop strength. This class is about being psychic, learning to refocus on different frequencies, like tuning to a new station on the radio. Yes, it is as simple as shifting your inner focus to another radio beam. Once you find the station, you listen "deeply", with your heart, your feelings and your whole body. Learning how to use your psychic abilities.

Psychic Medium Debra Hookey will guide you to the three keys to tuning in easily, and listening : Meditate, Working with Tools, Practice & Play.

Let's practice to develop and strengthen your psychic abilities.




Led by Briggette Mulholland & Arturo Villegas

Every Friday, 7-9 pm

Love Donation Suggestion: $5-20

Reiki is an gentle ancient spiritual healing practice that promotes relaxation, pain relief, as well as mental and emotional balance. This Meetup group is for anyone interested in practicing and receiving Reiki. Reiki Share is open to all levels and branches of Reiki practitioners and anyone interested in learning, even if you have never tried Reiki. You are welcome to come try it out. Come join Briggitte Mulholland and Arturo Villegas for a fun and peaceful evening of meditation and energy sharing every Friday night from 7-9 pm at School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences in Irvine.

We will start the evening with a bit of socializing and getting to know each other, followed by a short meditation, and moving on to Reiki practice, either sitting in chairs or on a massage table, your choice.

Hosts Briggitte Mulholland and Arturo Villegas have over 10 years combined experience as healers and would love sharing the joys and benefits of Reiki with you.

Briggitte is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher with certifications in Raven Keyes Medical Reiki(TM), Oncology Reiki, and Kundalini Reiki. She has also received training in Reflexology and Pregnancy & Infertility Reiki. She has been practicing and teaching Reiki for 3 years and giving Reiki to cancer patients at Hoag Hospital's Cancer Center in Newport Beach and Irvine.

Arturo Villegas has 6 years experience as a Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master and 7 years of experience in healing work. He has trained with different reiki masters around Mexico and United States. He has been studying the way religions looks at the spirituality and their philosophy related to God and the Healing.

Cost: Love donations are gratefully accepted



Spiritual Fundamentals
with Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt
Saturdays from 9am - Noon  beginning Aug. 5th
$33   Come any Saturday except Faire Day

Activate the Wisdom in Your Soul. Learn How to "Remember" Everything You Already Know.


- The Human Condiiton      - Law of the Universe     - Healing the Inner Child

- DNA Activation    - Past lives    - Akashic Records    - Guardian Angels

- Ascended Masters and Retreats    - Archetypes, Karma & Contracts

- Detachment and surrender   - Healing Space & Altars   - See & Cleanse Auras

- Feng Shui   - Access Dimensions in Time    - Chakras 3rd, 4th & 5th Dim

- Astral Travel    - Clairsentience    - Clairaudience    - Claircognizance

- Oracle Cards   - Crystals  - Essential Oils   - Sound Healing   - Cetaceans

- Deceased Loved ones   - Crossing Over Earth Bound Spirits   - Poltergeists & Negative Forces

- Archangels & Fallen Angels   - Astrology   - Numerology   - Enneagrams

- Ancient Lemuria & Atlantis   -- Soul Family & Monadic Groups

Questions?  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



with Janet Whitener and Aero
4 Thursdays   10-26

7 - 9 pm   $50
Money is a unit of measure that also involves a determination of value.  By age 7 the basis of our relationship with money is set in place.  This series of 3 classes is designed to use discussion and guided meditation to bring clarity and awareness to :
1)  Who holds the authority to decide what we value - has what we value evolved since age 7?
2)  The beliefs our subconscious uses to determine our monetary reality - and how we can edit it.
3)  How we can release our constrictions to receiving
4)  How to make peace with money abundance
This is a powerful class that allows personal work on your relationship with money!  It will never be the same.  After this class you will understand your relationship with money and how to make that relationship work for you!
questions?  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



with Toby Gant
2nd & 4th Thursdays    7 - 9 pm

This Intimate Circle features Meditation, Intuitive Listening/Sharing Practice, and Intuitive Readings for each member with Soul Coach Toby Gant.  Join us for a truly, deep, heart-felt experience for all.   www.shekholistic.com


Toby is a compassionate and insightful holistic life coach that has the ability to inspire his clients to live their best life. He incorporates his knowledge of nutrition, energy medicine, yoga and life coaching, delivering time-tested solutions to modern day challenges in ways that are accessible and profoundly transformational.

Tracee S.

 with Carlos Caridad

Thursday, Nov. 2    7 - 9 pm
Two-Hour Group Healing Workshop Introduction 

Carlos Caridad has been fascinated with facilitating large Group Energy Healings over the last 2 years.  He developed his unique Group Energy Healing session based on his years of experience practicing Distance Healing and Distance Group Healing.  Carlos is the founder and host of the "Healing Cancer In This Century" online video Summit, where over 1000 participants have registered for his Large Group Healing.
Carlos' Energy Healing training is originally from Reiki. However, he also learned other energy healing methodologies from reknowned Energy Healers who sparked his interest in facilitating healing to large numbers of people.
This Group Healing will include two-30 minute Group Energy Healing periods.

More Info              www.HealingForThisCentury.com  



Instructor: Christina Gikas, C.Ht., Msc.D.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

Four days from 10:00-4:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 4

Sunday, November 5

Saturday, November 11

Sunday, November 12

$795 includes materials, demonstration, and practice with clients!

*RSVP: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

*MUST RSVP by noon November 2nd to receive materials.

*MUST attend all 4 classes and complete an open-book exam to receive certification.



with Neil & Sol Gaur

7pm - 8:30pm

Tues. Nov. 7 - $25


Ancient Civilizations

Neil & Sol Gaur take you on a journey into the ancient past to uncover and re-discover the use and importance of sound, vibration and frequency. Followed by an interactive sound bath. Allow the frequencies of these instruments to wash over your being!

- Understand the ancient history and use of sound,

- Experience a sound bath where instruments are played on and around you,

- Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Didgeridoos, Solfegio tubes, Tingsha Bells and more!

- True world history and its relation to vibration-frequency

His shopping cart link http://globalascensiontours.com/product/sound-healing-irvine/



with Debra Hookey, Medium
2nd Friday of Each Month
7 - 9 PM



Medium Debra Hookey will be delivering Messages from the Other Side.

Everyone will receive a message from Spirit......

their Families, Friends and Loved Ones who have passed on.

Would you like to make a connection with your loved ones who are in spirit? Or get some clarity in your Life ?

Please call for more info :

(714)318-6629 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

RSVP on Meetup  Pay at the door.


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Messages from Beyond



This Friday Evening

AUGUST 3, 2012

7pm TO 8:30pm




Medium Debra Hookey will be delivering Messages from the Other Side.

Everyone will receive a message from Spirit……

 their Families, Friends and Loved Ones who have passed on.

Would you like to make a connection with your loved ones who are in spirit?  Or get some clarity in your Life ? 

Cost $15.00 per person  


 Please call for more info :

(714)318-6629 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


with Joe Nunziata
Saturday, Nov. 11,  from 10-11:30 am

$20 in advance, $30 at the door

Master Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author, Joe Nunziata Delivers an Enlightening New Session on the Second Saturday of Each Month

Register at http://SpiritualSaturdays.com

Spiritual Saturdays live at The School of Multidimensional Healing in Irvine

This month's topic: Step Into Your Power on 11/11 as a New Energy Portal Opens

Now is the time to step into your power and become your best self. This special session on 11/11 is aligned with a new energy portal opening. This event brings new energy and opportunities to those who are ready to step forward.

In this session you will discover:
-How Your Definition of Power Impacts Your Life
-How You Will Feel with Higher Energy and Awareness
-How to Prepare Yourself for the New Energy Coming In
-The Importance of Living in Truth and more
Session includes meditation and Q&A



with Renee Carleson

Monday  Nov. 20  6:30-8:30pm


A mommy and me workshop

Learn techniques that will help calm your sensory seeking wild child.



with Debra Hookey

Every 5th Wednesday  7-9 pm   Nov 29

Cost: $25

Experience a heartfelt connection with Spirit as Psychic Medium Debra Hookey and all her students brings through friends, loved ones to share messages of hope ,healing, and joy from the other side in a gallery-style readings event. Debra and her students brings through evidential details and powerful messages from those who have crossed over with her personal style of compassion and humor. Don't miss out on this special event ! Everyone will receive many messages from your loved ones.



energy healer2

Energy Healer Certification Course Level 1
New Start Date!

Sundays  4:30 - 7 pm   $40    $10 material fee first class

9 week Certification   36 hr. core classes 24 hr Electives

Class One: Introduction to Light Energy

• How the physical form creates, receives, shares light energy

      • Source  • Access  • Use

• Overview of the "bodies"

• Overview of 12 chakra system

• Demonstration/hands on exercises

• Location of individual chakras

• Channeled feedback from Spirit

Questions? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    rsvp on Meetup


Click Read More for other class descriptions:



with Shauna Kossoff, JD

Mondays 7-8 pm   $ Love Offering

Weekly Max Meditation System TM

Max Meditation System TM was created by Dr. Gudni Gudnason during his 35 years of traveling the globe integrating
old and new philosophies to create a profoundly effective system. Join us for an experiential evening where you will
discover how to create the space for balance in your life.
Suitable for new and experienced meditators alike join us for an evening of deep relaxation. Start your week off from a space of clarity and peace.

Contact Shauna for more details: (951)440-6938

Shauna is a Certified Guide with The Modern Mystery School who over the past 13 years has supported people in coming to Know Thyself.
The Modern Mystery School under its Founder Dr. Gudni Gudnason is in the Lineage of King Salomon and the only open Mystery School
of the seven great lineages. She found her way on to this path because of the stress of law school and stayed with it when she saw
the joy and wonderment it brought back into her life and the lives of those around her; including a renewed passion for law which she
still practices to this day. Embark on a transformational journey with this university for the soul.



with Jade Elizabeth

Tuesday Nights

On-going 7:00 to 9:00 pm • $25 each class

Registration suggested

This is a Core and/or Elective Class for some Certification Programs

- Learn ways to stay present, release the burdens caused by stress, work, school or home, understand how to enhance your intuition and achieve a powerful state of meditation?

Do you struggle to quiet the mind and the chatter in your head? If so, these classes will give you tools to assist you in achieving a powerful state of calm and quiet. It will also help you to unlock and realize your inner potential. You will increase your health and vitality, heal relationships, open to more prosperity and expand your consciousness and intuition.

When meditating in a group, it is always much more powerful because of the group energy.

Call now and register today to experience it for yourself! 714- 658-3669 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



with Debra Hookey   

2nd & 4th Wednesdays (Every Month)

Time: 7pm Cost: $25

Mediumship Development

The focus of Mediumship Wednesdays will be on going forward in your Mediumship, not playing it safe in the messages you bring and really going for details in your evidence.

Debra will help you become the best medium you can be, in regards to the content and construction of your messages, as well as the presentation and all that goes with being the messenger.

You will be guided to a space where you will connect with your own Spirit Self to give you the foundation and belief in your work, and you will be confident in the fact that you are part of a team and that you never work alone when serving Spirit.

Come out of your comfort zone and forget playing it safe, be courageous and take risks in order to progress.



margoriemilesWith Dream Coach, Author and Poet, Dr. Marjorie Miles, DCH, MFT

7 - 9 pm   $20       2nd Tuesday of each month  RSVP on Meetup!

Looking for creative, artistic expression? Searching for new ideas for your business or other areas of your life? Enter the Creativity Studio of Your Dreaming Mind—the place where stories, fascinating characters, poetry and inventions live. At the beginning of each session you will experience a brief "guided" daydream to unleash your muse and spark the fuse of your creative writing expression.

Bring pen and a notebook and come and play.


1. Centering and brief "guided" daydream writing prompt

2. Fun and imaginative writing exercises

3. Sharing and supporting

4. Closure

This is a Core and/or Elective Class in some Certificate Programs.


with Eve SpiritSpeaks, M.D.
SATURDAYS 9  - 10:30 AM  see Meetup
Come any Saturday  Except Faire Days

We all have these metaphysical gifts buried deep within our soul ... in the end, it all comes down to getting in touch with them ... and bringing them forth. I will help you know your intuitive gifts, and develop them into psychic strengths. We will spend time exploring extraordinary seeing, hearing, and feeling. You will attain skills in intuitively reading oracle cards, psychometry, and in other psychic approaches. Please join me in this journey toward connecting with Source!

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Register and pay on Meetup or day of class.