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We Bring you: Peace of Mind, Stress Reduction, & Understanding of Lifeclass01-small

SMHAS was founded to help bring self connection, higher consciousness and healing into the lives of ALL who are seeking this knowledge with both campus and online video classes. We intend to make these studies easily accessible worldwide to those who wish to better understand their own existence and personal power.  We provide students with high value courses woven together with integrity, universal wisdom and heart-centered energy. We provide the LARGEST RESOURCE IN ORANGE COUNTY for personal growth / consciousness classes taught by a large number of passionate, diverse teachers.   Learn how powerful you really are and how you create your own reality, every hour, every day.  The last Saturday of every month we offer the Largest Holistic Faire in the area to sample many modalities and attend free lectures all day on a variety of topics.

Classes include meditation, self-connection, automatic writing, energy healing, intuitive painting, hypnosis certification, conscious nurtrition, parenting, past life regression, Reiki, relationships, A Course in Miracles, a variety of metaphysical classes and many more - up to 80 classes per month and a Variety of Certification Classes for the professional holistic healer!

                                                                                        Room Rentals

Rooms are available for private sessions for $20 per hour.  Discounted rates for frequent renters.  Rooms are available for meetings and classes.  Rooms for classes can be rented for an hourly or daily smhasroom1rental rate OR with a split of tuition charged.  We have 7 rooms of different size and price from which to choose, the largest seating about 65, all rooms with heating and air conditioning.  Call 949.752.5272 or email smhas.rooms@gmail.com for information. 

For a heart-centered team approach to near instant Intuitive Guidance and Healing, www.IntuitiveHotline.com  or 949.245.1402  talk to a team member and be referred to the best Intuitive reader/coach or healer for you!

I am happy to announce a new expansion of the school at our existing location is complete.  Come by and see our new Redwood Room and the rest of our remodel. We will continue with our ad hoc room rental program for $20 per hour for private sessions in any of our classrooms when available.

We now have 12 healers, readers and practitioners that are available daily at the school or on the phone for private sessions. We anticipate that number increasing to approximately 25, with a broad range of services and modalities. We intend to offer the largest choice in the state for professional, holistic healing and intuitive private sessions in one center.

We will also be growing our Intuitive Hotline soon and marketing it nationally as our new phone app/website will be complete soon.

Thank you for your support while we are moving through this shift to better serve you, our community and our teachers and healers. We look forward to seeing you soon at a healing clinic, class, event or faire.



Director, Founder


Leading Edge Consciousness Speakers of Today

Take a little time to watch these videos and you will begin to change your belief systems, then open your heart and mind to the possibilities that you are much more powerful that you have ever believed!  You will begin the journey of remembering that you can heal yourself of disease as well as create the future you desire.  You will learn that we are all connected together with everything in the universe, that there is no separation.  And you may begin to believe that raising one's own consciousness is the single greatest gift that one can give to oneself and to humanity.  It has effects everyone and everything.  Enjoy this fantastic journey!  And if you become interested in classes to assist you, please vist the Campus Classes tab above.             - jerry

 Dr. Bruce Lipton      Cell Biologist, Past College Professor    www.brucelipton.com/about                                       


Bruce's website is www.BruceLipton.com


Gregg Braden              Computer Scientist, Computer Systems Designer   http://www.greggbraden.com/about-gregg-braden/


Gregg's website is www.GreggBraden.com


Dr. Christiane Northrup       Medical Doctor  OB/GYN    http://www.drnorthrup.com/about/ 


Christiane's website is www.drnorthrup.com


Dr. Rupert Sheldrake    Cell Biologist                  www.sheldrake.org/about-rupert-sheldrake


Rupert's website is www.sheldrake.org


Tom Campbell  Nuclear Physicist, Consciousness Researcher        www.my-big-toe.com/aboutwww.my-big-toe.com/about

Tom's website is www.my-big-toe.com


 And for Intuitive Guidance now, try www.IntuitiveHotline.com  for a heart-centered team approach to Intuitive Guidance and Healing.





For More Information on the healing techniques discussed in these videos see QuantumHealingCentre.com








info@smhas.com               (949) 752-5272                               

18271 McDurmott West  Suite H   Irvine, CA  92614  

  Bear with us as we are upgrading our website presently!

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Join the SMHAS Team!

SMHAS is expanding to meet the growing needs of our community. To be successful, we need people who are passionate about our mission and ready to explore this next step. Do you know anyone who might be interested and capable of assisting the school at a management or supervisory level to get to its next stage of growth?  Or do you know volunteers who could be interested in spending a few hours per month and getting a discount on classesand our monthly Holistic Faire?  Experience the fun and satisfaction of giving back while learning how powerful you really are! Flexible positions for volunteers are available some afternoons and some evenings...? Call Jerry at 949.752.5272.

School Office Hours

SMHAS is open for office functions from noon until approximately 4 PM  Tuesday through Friday.  Of course it is open for classes in the evenings and weekends as scheduled on the Campus Classes tab   and the Meetup calendar


Unique Opportunities for Spiritual/Consciousness Teachers

maria-teacher-208-2As we grow, SMHAS is happy to welcome new teachers with emotional intelligence, who value harmony and collaboration, who continue their personal progress, and teach from the heart. We offer opportunities to teachers for teaching classes on a wide variety of subjects loosely fitting under the umbrella of consciousness and spirituality. And those classes can be taught on our Irvine campus or on-line to an unlimited worldwide audience. Come and experience the energy of an all-volunteer school founded to support its teachers and the community. Visit our Teaching Community page to see some of our teachers.  Then contact jerry at jwrrywoods37 at hotmail.com or call at 949.752.5272.

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Upcoming Classes

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